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December 22, 2022

By Rasha Gawasa

We have extended our specialization by making use of a new gas and water supply system of the brand Comisa which we have the agency in Surinam and the Caribbean area. This has recently been introduced in Suriname, but has been used for quite some time in Europe. We deal with all the water and gas pipes installations, such as boiler installation, pump installation and plumbing. One of the reasons why we use the multilayer pipes is to prevent copper theft. You will probably have heard about, or to do with it.

International certificates issued over the years prove the reliability and quality of this system. Comisa Gas System has the UNI TS 11344: 2009 standard and can be installed according to the UNI TS 11344: 2009 and the UNI 7129: 2009 standards.

The Comisa water and gas distribution system consists of a combined use of the multilayer pipe (5 layers) with press fittings, prontofit and eurocone couplings. The pipes and the fittings are electrically isolated from each other by the special configuration of the plastic clip, this prevent any contact between the two metals. The use of this system is suitable for both surface and underground installations and the pipes can be installed either flush or surface. The multilayer pipes are suitable for hot and cold water, natural gas and LPG.

The water pipes endure 95 degree heat and a pressure of 10 bar. Gas pipes endure 70 degree heat and have a working pressure of 0.5 bar. The pipes are furthermore available in all sizes, such as 14 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm and 45 mm, etc. All couplings are available in the form of press fittings, prontofit and euro cone couplings.

Another great advantage of these pipes is that the pipes are extremely flexible and have a greater curvature with respect to pipe made of copper. The maximum length of a pipe is no less than 300 meters and can be cut to any desired dimension. Because theses pipes are very flexible, they can be bent at and the pipes do not have to be cut as the copper pipes. Because of this, your installation will be consist of one or a few pipes, so that de chance of leakage will be is very small.

Comisa pipes are the ideal material for hot and cold water pipes and sanitary system, for example, for drinkable water systems. With the advent of the pipes and fittings you will also save time during the installations. Especially in the Caribbean countries, where working under the bright sun will not always be easy, you will experience use of Comisa products as very enjoyable. These materials are very suitable for hot countries.

We will give you 1 year warranty on our water- and gas installations.

Rasha Gawasa


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