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Our country has a widespread network of pipelines for the transport of water and gas to the customer. The growing demand for energy and the increased use of (drinking) water requires that new pipeline networks have to be built. Network administrators and contractors are therefore confronted with high quality and safety standards. It is here that Ra-Sha will make a huge difference, because for many years we already have only qualified and certified personnel working on our installations. We also make sure that our installers are continuously educated in the use of the most recent techniques and familiarize themselves with the newest products and materials on the market.

Ra-Sha is an independently owned entity. We want our business to increase and be more successful. This will be achieved by delivering quality work and materials to our customer base. We firmly believe that a happy and satisfied customer is the best advertisement that one can ask for and that is where our strength is. Because we are the official dealer of COMISA products for Suriname and the Caribbean, a healthy collaboration with our competitors and others in the branch will only help to strengthen our position in the market. The COMISA line of products are durable and of high quality and the benefits for the Surinamese market are almost immediately recognizable. Because the multilayer pipes and fittings will replace the copper pipes and fittings, there will be less copper theft, and the installations will last much longer so that the need to replace parts will be reduced.