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About PE-RT
PE-RT (Polyethylene of Raised Temperature Resistance) is a resin for a multilayer pipe having
the traditional properties of polyethylene, with the additional characteristics such as greater
resistance to high temperatures.
Recommended use for PE-RT
PE-RT is the ideal material for hot and cold water pipes conceived, for example, for drinkable
water systems and heating water systems with underfloor pipes.
Why PE-RT pipes are recommended for drinkable water systems?
The PE-RT multilayer pipe is the ideal choice for drinkable water systems given that it combines
the advantages of the metal material with those of the plastic material without revealing the
disadvantages of the two. This pipe is made up of an aluminium pipe welded longitudinally
wound internally and externally by layers of PE-RT. Aluminium provides robustness and excel- lent resistance against pressure and temperature, while the internal and external layers made of
PE-RT prevent scales and corrosion.
Can PE-RT be a suitable alternative for sanitary systems piping?
Definitely. The PE-RT multilayer pipe is theoretically conceived for sanitary systems piping and
drinkable water systems. It is manufactured without using the cross-link process, hence allowing
obtaining a “purer” product capable of best meeting sanitary application requirements.
For how long has PE-RT been used in multilayer pipes?
The family of PE-RT resins has been on the market for over twenty years due to the excellent
performance in piping applications. More than one million kilometres of pipes have been manufactured using PE-RT resins.
What are the advantages of installing PE-RT multilayer pipes?
Given that it is not subjected to the cross-link process, PE-RT allows manufacturing the pipe
being extremely flexible as well as having greater curvature with respect to a pipe made of
other materials, which implies actually saving time for the installers and assembly technicians.
This flexibility increases the capacity of the pipe to preserve its shape (the so-called shape-memory) and thus require fewer fittings during installation with respect to other materials.
What are the advantages of the PE-RT multilayer pipe in terms of environment and safety?
The PE-RT multilayer pipe protects aluminium against corrosion. The PE-RT pipe manufacturing
process does not include any chemical substance or compound, therefore the pipe is chemically inert during installation. The PE-RT resins have an ecological stabilisation packaging meeting
most of the national and international provisions regarding drinkable water. In terms of safety,
the immeasurable surface uniformity of the PE-RT pipe implies lower friction loss and formation
of deposits. These resins are also resistant to improper manipulations due to their inherent
robustness, and they reveal excellent resistance against environmental stresses. The material
they are made of may be ground and recycled hence it complies with the provisions provided
for by the law.
Do PE-RT pipes deteriorate in the regression curves due to ISO 9080 hydrostatic pressure before
10,000 hours?
No. The PE-RT resins reveal excellent performance upon tests for resistance against internal
pressure at high temperatures, which makes them ideal for use in hot and cold water piping
systems. Independent tests on such characteristic performed on DOWLEX™ 2344 PE-RT and
DOWLEX™ 2388 PE-RT resins at 20°, 80°, 95° and 110° C constantly reveal the absence of
deterioration before 10,000 hours.
Do PE-RT pipes meet the “CE” mark requirements?
Definitely. In 2005, heating systems with underfloor pipes and radiator connections made
using DOWLEX™ 2344 PE-RT plastic pipes (see 10.9 regarding ISO 24033) were granted the
European Technical Approval, outlined by the “CE” quality standard mark. This was the first time
a piping system was granted an ETA (European Technical Approval) ever.
Does the PE-RT meet EU food products approval standards?
Definitely. The DOWLEX™ 2344 and DOWLEX 2388 PE-RT resins meet all the required EU and
FDA standards.

Where to get PE-RT
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